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Famous fans of Agatha Christie

Almost everyone on the planet will have either read an Agatha Christie novel or seen one of the many screen adaptations and not surprisingly she has some very well know admirers as a result. Click here for some of those famous fans

David Walliams is also a big Christie fan and in a recent interview for the Daily Express he revealed that his passion for the stories of the crime writer stemmed from the time he first saw Muder on The Orient Express as a child. Walliams was the executive producer and  co-star of the Partners in Crime series which was shown on the BBC in 2015. The stories followed the adventures of Tommy and Tuppence Beresford as they get entangled in plots of espionage and murder. Agatha Christie's grandson commented that for him the stories were very moving as they were ref6elctive of the happy years of Agatha's marriage to Archie before things went terribly wrong.